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GBA is a Sydney, Newtown, Paddington & Drummoyne based architecture practice focused on creating mindful, practical and innovative solutions. The practice has a strong focus on its clients and their requirements, whilst providing an informed, research-based response to each project. The studio was recently established by Gorgi Gulevski, a registered architect in NSW. The practice has a strong focus onprivate project’s, but will continue to expand into the commercial and multi-residential sector as the company grows. We take pride in providing a well-rounded response at any scale, adhering to strong design principles and functional spaces.


GBA is a Sydney-based architecture company that services the surrounding areas of Newtown, Paddington and Drummoyne. We’re focused on creating mindful, sustainable and functional design solutions. Our practical, innovative and customised architectural drawings and modellings are drawn to deliver expectations. Our architecture agency truly values our clients and their project requirements. We do so by ensuring we provide an informed, research-based response to each project brief. 

GBA was established by Gorgi Gulevski, a registered architect in NSW who envisions a client-centric design and efficiency practice. We prioritise residential architecture in Sydney but continue to grow into commercial and multi-residential spaces. Our comprehensive solutions and service will always encompass strong design principles, valuable experience and functionality. We design for the future. 

Working With GBA

Starting a new project? Not sure where to start? Need more information about what an architect does and how they can work with you? Check out the NSW Architects Board for more information.Ensuring a successful build depends on a multitude of factors but, most importantly, can rely heavily on the professionals you commission. If you are beginning a new project, you will likely need architectural rendering, modelling and industry expertise. We can make your design brief a reality. Our Sydney architectural designers are qualified and accredited by the NSW Architects Board and can be validated. Learn more about how our GBA team works and how we can meet your expectations. 

Cost & Budget

Project costs can vary and there are many factors to consider when deciding your budget. Keeping to your budget becomes a difficult task during the construction stage but an architect can help minimise
surpirses and give a realistic outlook for construction costs. Depending on the scale of a project, several factors can influence its cost. These can be critical when setting a budget and sourcing financing. Budgets can be overextended during the construction phase of your project, but as a reputable residential architect practice, we can assist in minimising the impact on your financial statements. GBA provides specialist services with complete transparency to ensure you have a realistic costing expectation.


COVID-19 has had a great impact on all of our lives and it is most important that we stay safe. Due to this situation our office is closed but we are all working remotely. If you would like to organise an appointment, please get in touch and we can come to you. The health pandemic has had a tremendous impact on all facets of life, and the need to stay safe is still relevant. Your safety, as well as our team’s safety, is of the utmost importance for health and business continuity. Hence, our Sydney based architecture company is closed, but our GBA team is available and working remotely. To book a consultation with one of our professionals, please contact us to arrange one convenient to your schedule and requirements. 


Architecture plays an important part in our lives. Most of us will spend our lives investing and inhabiting the home we have created and it is crucial that we deliver a high level of detail in order to achieve balance and harmony. This process is quite involved and is influenced by both internal and external forces that combine into a fulfilled project. Our team is here to help you achieve a successful project that you will enjoy for a very long time.

Built environments should be a balance of design, functionality and provide value to you as the client. The importance of utilising professional, forward-thinking and talented architects cannot be stressed enough. These are all pivotal to an enhanced built living environment. Our vision is to use our collaborative principles to design and create architecture to last. Contemporary, future-based, economical and sustainable. 

Well-designed architecture can significantly impact those with a vested interest in it, bringing your project to life in a dynamic, sustainable and unique manner. As an architect design company, we understand the value architecture can have for you. In a residential sense, many of us will spend entire lifetimes investing and inhabiting the home we built off-plan. GBA prioritises this and assures you that we will always deliver a highly detailed rendering and modelling to achieve practicality, efficiency and innovation. It is a thorough process, taking into consideration environmental factors to ensure we design according to your approved brief. We can assist you in constructing your project, meeting your expectations and achieving design excellence. 


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