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Brickwork has played an integral role in Australian architecture for decades. While brick always has a timeless and ‘homey’ element to it, we have been seeing less and less brick in modern architecture. The aim of Office 88 was to reinvent the way that many of us see brick by making use of locally sourced white bricks. This gives a fresh, new take on brick and the end result is definitely both contemporary and appealing.

Office 88’s surroundings were also an inspiration for its design. It is situated in a well-established suburb that is both serene and calm, and the intention was for that to reflect in the architecture. In addition to white brick, black brick was also used throughout the facade. This created an incredible contrast that really draws the eye towards this unique property.

Some of the property’s very best features include a double-height foyer in the main entrance, a gorgeous courtyard, and an open plan living area and kitchen. There has been an intentional focus on indoor and outdoor living, as well as a continuity of space. As a result, there is a fantastic feeling of flow that can be felt throughout the entire property. This flow can be attributed to the carefully placed empty spaces in the home that encourage light and breathing space.

The upper floor features gorgeous, large windows that give views to the pool and courtyard below, which encourages the motion of outdoor space even on the upper floor.


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