House 33.2 – Monochrome Home

A modern monochrome home that fits tightly into a suburban backyard.

The concept of the project began with taking a ‘block’ and then manipulating it into its setting by way of positive and negative protrusions. The use of the colour black added another layer to the project and was used to represent program and function. This enabled us to create an interesting space and blur the line between floor, wall and ceiling. We wanted to give the effect of having the black materials ‘projected’ on to different surfaces and creating a motion throughout the building.

The façade’s movement begins with a deep extrusion that acts as the main entrance and opening to the courtyard whilst also providing shade from the afternoon sun. This motion then protrudes out allowing for a day bed on the opposite side and then moves back in to provide an exterior seating solution.

The layout of the dwelling was to have the main living area open up to the courtyard and have the kitchen overlook this area and the other programs branch off a central hallway from this space. The two studio work spaces are disconnected from the main areas as per the clients’ request, in which they wanted to establish separate work and home areas.

Overall the project creates a distinguishable contrast in its environment creating an almost sculptured object that has been cut through and opens up to its programmatic requirements. The façade’s push/pull motion was achieved and strengthened through contrast and informed by program and function and creates an exciting motion throughout the project.

Photography: Grafika

Products: Colorbond Steel