OP9 House

The home is situated in a newly established suburban neighbourhood, with the intent of creating a calm and serene atmosphere through its materials and orientation.
The project uses a locally sourced white brick and mortar that provides a sculptural element to the linear and contemporary form of the home. Black-bricked features were used as a contrast to the cantilevered bricks as a play on colour and shadow. The master bedroom cantilevers over the garage area and features a striking black-bricked stripe through the facade which fades off and adds further excitement to the façade.

The dwelling’s northern orientation allows the home to be filled with light throughout the day and the large glazed entry is shielded from the western-sun by a polycarbonate column which allows light to enter through the glazing whilst shielding it from the heat. The column becomes a light-filled box during the afternoon and can be illuminated in the evening to light up the entry against the night sky.

Photography: Katherine Lu

Products: Austral Bricks La Paloma, Bowral Bricks Chillingham White, Danpal Seamless Façade, INAX Sugie, INAX Yuki Border