The Value Brought To Buildings By An Architect

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It might be difficult for a property owner to understand the return on investment brought to building projects by an architect in Sydney. An architect is only one of a number of professionals that should be involved in order to give the property the best opportunity to increase in value, be durable, practical, safe and compliant. Let’s look at the value brought to your property by architects.

What Is An Architect?

Architects combine creativity, liability and functionality in turning your dream into reality. They are professionals with degrees from recognised universities. These degrees include internship phases and their professional license is subject to their application being approved by a National regulatory body. They are highly trained, experienced and legally compliant by the time you first meet them.

How Do They Help Property Owners?

Architects extract the client’s vision, budget parameters and essentials and then translate that into dream home design. This includes helping clients through an adjustment of their expectations.

The architect will know property building limits, advise on market value factors, create unique design solutions to site challenges and be the hub of all communications for contractors, clients, neighbours, authorities and more.

What Technical Knowledge Do Architects Have?

As skilled, intensely trained professionals, they bring extensive knowledge of building methodologies, materials, styles, intricate interface details, legal contracts, project management and so much more. They will have knowledge of geology, topography, engineering and design scoping and regulations such as:

  • Local fire codes
  • Site drainage needs
  • Landscaping needs
  • Local and national building codes

An architect will help you make the best decisions about the property to build. They will develop the idea artistically and ensure it can be constructed to budget with safe results. They will help save on some areas in order to be extravagant in other areas. Moreover, they will give you artistic drawings and produce precise construction plans of the design that you envision.

Project Professional Role Players

Architects work with geotechnical, structural, fire and electrical engineers as well as quantity surveyors, city councils and many more. They also run the tender process, review contractors’ work quality, monitor material costs, and track the running budget.

Additionally, they will submit legally compliant plans to the council, resolve council queries and speed up city approval for your building work.


Working with an architect, and trusting their advice, will always deliver a better-looking building. You will also get far more value for the money spent and your property value will soar. There will be fewer problems with the council and neighbours, and there will be no dodgy contractors disappearing off of the site with your money. The result? Just a safe, beautiful home that exceeds your expectations.

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