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New rules and regulations apply for obtaining approval for duplexes, terraces and manor houses under NSW Planning. The recently renamed Low Rise Housing Diversity Code (Code) has been implemented by the NSW Government to provide a diverse range of housing types. The Code allows developments including duplexes, terraces and manor houses to be fast-tracked as complying development in R1, R2, R3 and RU5 zones where this form of housing is allowed under a council’s Local Environmental Plan (LEP).


The Code provides various solutions for higher density projects throughout NSW. The most noticeable change is the allowance of a dual occupancy without having to apply for a Development Application rather this can be approved via a complying development certificate.  The Code is also supplemented by the Low Rise Housing Diversity Design Guide for Complying Development which contains design criteria that need to be met when designing under the Code.


The Code also allows for the development to include subdivision (if permissible under the applicable council’s LEP) but cannot be subdivided until all the works have been completed and an occupation certificate has been issued.


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